Monday, March 8, 2010

Santa Fe Pale Ale - Perfect 10

We had a couple days off so I made my way to Santa Fe to write with the legendary Bil Al (NRBQ)...He has become a favorite writing partner of mine and his home in Santa Fe is glorious with guest quarters, equipped with a full know what this means!?  I stopped on my way to his place and grabbed a six pack of the local Santa Fe Pale Ale at Whole Foods.  I remembered loving this beer at the brewing company last time through, but had forgotten how perfect it is.

If I had the ability to brew beer, this is exactly what it would taste like.  It has a fullness that is light at the same time.  Not too hoppy, but not too subtle.  It is almost creamy...but bright.  It reminds me of the crispness of Anchor Steam.  It tastes like hapiness.  And this isn't even on tap!!

Rating 1 out of 10: 10!


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