Wednesday, October 26, 2011

2 Pumpkin Beers

my trio and i just finished 2 weeks on the road, and one of the highlights was sampling pumpkin beers along the way.  i'm a pumpkin fanatic, so of course pumpkin beer would delight me!  here are two we tried, and my discovery of heaven in a glass...

#1 - blue point pumpkin ale, blue point brewing co, long island, ny
we played at one of my favorite venues greyhorse tavern in bayport, ny.  they serve the most delicious and carefully prepared food here, so it was no surprise that they presented their pumpkin beer in pint glasses rimmed with cinnamon sugar.  the girls and i couldn't speak...this was absolutely one of the most lovely things i've ever put in my mouth.  the beer itself was so rich and full of flavor, while still being light-weighted.  it was perfectly crisp.  i could almost taste hints of apple in it - maybe it was the cinnamon reminding me of apple pie?  either way, it was the perfect combination of having great personality but not overpowering.  it paired perfectly with the skirt steak we all devoured.  i MUST have this beer again one day.  it's on the top of my list of all time tastes.  HEAVEN IN A GLASS!

#2 - great pumpkin ale, cambridge brewing co., cambridge, ma
the great pumpkin ale was my first experience of draft pumpkin beer years ago, playing in boston.  it had been my favorite until i discovered blue point pumpkin ale!  the cambridge great pumpkin ale is a little heavier and the flavors aren't quite as balanced as blue point.  it is still delicious, but it's weight made it more of a dessert beer option.  we all enjoyed it while playing at the cozy toad in cambridge, ma.  

#3 - we also tried a pumpkin ale in pittsburgh, pa, but i didn't catch the name of it as we were buzzing around trying to go onstage.  it was good, but on the much lighter side.  without knowing the brewery, it seems silly to critique it much more than to say that nothing can hold a candle to blue point pumpkin ale, with sugar and cinnamon on the glass!! :)

we'll be in the southeast in november - i welcome suggestions of pumpkin beers to try in TN, NC, SC and GA!