Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cisco whale's tale pale ale

I heard about sunset grill on beer tv. I think it was rated the highest for best beer selection in the country.

I just played at berklee with Ari Hest and he and his buddy and I are getting a beer and food. I told the waiter I wanted a local ale so he recommended the cisco whales tale pale ale.

I must say on the first couple sips, it has a slight taste of ocean. The hoppiness is not offensive and the aftertaste is mellow. It feels like a very classic, true pale ale. I like!!

Rating: 9.5

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cain's Dragon Heart Brown Ale

Headed into my 4th week on tour with Paul Brady, the opportunities to blog about beer have been slim because it has been Guiness auto-pilot. Comparing Guinesses between cities could have worked, but the bottom line is that Guinness is best in Ireland and that's it.

During a day off in Liverpool I am taking a little time for myself at a restaurant adjacent to our hotel. I was pleased to find that they had several locally Liverpool- brewed beers although I would have prefered them on draft as opposed to in a bottle.

However I was intrigued when they brought it out at room temperature.

I don't usually like American nut brown ales but this English brown ale was far from that... It was very full with a strong caramel/brown sugar tint. It still had a bit of a hoppy start despite how smooth and mellow the finish was. Loved it.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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Location:Liverpool UK

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Velvet Elvis Stout - Oskar Blues - perfect 10!

I am in love with Lyons, CO.i dont want to leave. Their local Oskar Blues beer is delightful.

After a sampler (shared among 3 people) I chose the stout as my favorite.

This particular stout has a chocolatey start with a smooth caramel finish. No bitterness and very elegant. This is the most drinkable stout I've ever tasted on draft.

Overall rating: 10!

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Location:Lyons,United States

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pond Scum ESB, Oskar Blues

Last night was the last show of the duo tour, and it was a total blast. The folks in the Lyons/Boulder area are so psyched for music, it really cranks my chain.

Since T and I aren't going to be together on our birthday in April, we celebrated tonight with a movie and dinner. Crazyheart and then Q's in Boulder. Yay and yum.

We're capping the night off with a beer at Oskar Blues in Lyons. I got the "Pond Scum" ESB, this one is English style.

My favorite ESB is Redhook and this one is tamer but in a good way. This one is close to an ale in flavor. The bitterness is pretty non-offensive and it had a super long aftertaste which I've found to be true with most ESB's. Pleasant.

Overall rating: 8.5


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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Amicas IPA

Salida may be my new favorite Co town. We had an amazing show at Salida Cafe. We met such nice peeps and got lots of recommendations for local brews. Supposedly the famous local beer is the INdia Pale Ale brewed by Amicas. Salida Cafe had it on tap so I had to try it.

Over time I've lost my taste for IPA and have drifted more towards ales and dark beer, however this may be the best IPAs I've ever tasted. Some IPAs can be thin but this one is full and bright. It has a sweet start with a floral middle and then a bitter hoppy-ness at the end that is actually quite pleasant. Also there is something about this town's love for this particular beer that gives it an extra dimension of character.

Overall rating: 9.5


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Location:Salida, Co

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Alamosa Amber

Before our show in Alamosa, we cozied up to a booth at the local brewery. I started with a sampler so I could decide which one I liked best. Don't worry, Travis helped me!

All of these beers were very good. There was even a green chili beer! I chose the Alamosa Amber as my favorite.

It was very smooth but had an undertone of soft hoppy-ness which you don't always taste in lagers. It was fuller than other lagers too that I've tasted. Yum!

Overall rating: 9

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Santa Fe Pale Ale - Perfect 10

We had a couple days off so I made my way to Santa Fe to write with the legendary Bil Al (NRBQ)...He has become a favorite writing partner of mine and his home in Santa Fe is glorious with guest quarters, equipped with a full know what this means!?  I stopped on my way to his place and grabbed a six pack of the local Santa Fe Pale Ale at Whole Foods.  I remembered loving this beer at the brewing company last time through, but had forgotten how perfect it is.

If I had the ability to brew beer, this is exactly what it would taste like.  It has a fullness that is light at the same time.  Not too hoppy, but not too subtle.  It is almost creamy...but bright.  It reminds me of the crispness of Anchor Steam.  It tastes like hapiness.  And this isn't even on tap!!

Rating 1 out of 10: 10!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Colorado boy Irish red

The beautiful mountain town of ridgway, 30 miles from telluride, has a historic downtown with a handful of quaint restaurants, galleries and shops. tomorrow night we play the sherbino theater! we were told to check out the Colorado boy brewery on the main strip while in town.

I opted for the Irish Red. it was slightly floral but mainly mellow. the color was a beautiful golden red that you can't really see in these photos. it was clean and even though it was a tad underwhelming for me, after we sampled the other beers, we decided the red was our overall choice for a takeaway growler. :)

overall rating: 7.5

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Location:ridgway, co

single male pale ale

we stopped into the gunnison brewery on our way to ridgeway. we decided to get the sampler first to decide which full beer to get... I chose the single male pale ale.

it had a nice bite right at the top but mellowed out really fast. on it's own it was a little subtle for me but with food it was perfect.

overall 1 out of 10 rating: 8

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

intro to my beer blog

Despite my food allergy to wheat , beer doesn't bother me. unless it's a wheat beer :). but all others are harmless to my sinuses and very friendly to my tastebuds.

while on tour, I usually take it as an opportunity to taste the local microbrew in each city. I've found some real favorites along the way; Cambridge pumpkin ale and Brooklyn lager to name a few...(I'm writing from my phone so capitalization is whacky)

today, Travis and I embark on a duo tour of colorado and what better place to sample microbrews? so throughout this tour I will sample and rate local beers and post them to this blog along with pics. exact rating system will be unveiled tomorrow.

the best roadside option tonight was a michelob amber bock at a lonestar... not worth rating of course but we did get a goofy pic:

if you happen to see on my concert page ( where I'm playing and you have a suggestion of a local beer that I should try, tweet me!

until tomorrow.

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Location:somewhere in kansas