Thursday, March 11, 2010

Amicas IPA

Salida may be my new favorite Co town. We had an amazing show at Salida Cafe. We met such nice peeps and got lots of recommendations for local brews. Supposedly the famous local beer is the INdia Pale Ale brewed by Amicas. Salida Cafe had it on tap so I had to try it.

Over time I've lost my taste for IPA and have drifted more towards ales and dark beer, however this may be the best IPAs I've ever tasted. Some IPAs can be thin but this one is full and bright. It has a sweet start with a floral middle and then a bitter hoppy-ness at the end that is actually quite pleasant. Also there is something about this town's love for this particular beer that gives it an extra dimension of character.

Overall rating: 9.5


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Location:Salida, Co

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  1. Hey Sarah, I had the Loyal Duke at Amicas last night. Then it was on to the Salida Cafe for more music. I'm still reeling from you and Travis being here in Salida. Awesome! Enjoy your travels in Europe.