Tuesday, March 2, 2010

intro to my beer blog

Despite my food allergy to wheat , beer doesn't bother me. unless it's a wheat beer :). but all others are harmless to my sinuses and very friendly to my tastebuds.

while on tour, I usually take it as an opportunity to taste the local microbrew in each city. I've found some real favorites along the way; Cambridge pumpkin ale and Brooklyn lager to name a few...(I'm writing from my phone so capitalization is whacky)

today, Travis and I embark on a duo tour of colorado and what better place to sample microbrews? so throughout this tour I will sample and rate local beers and post them to this blog along with pics. exact rating system will be unveiled tomorrow.

the best roadside option tonight was a michelob amber bock at a lonestar... not worth rating of course but we did get a goofy pic:

if you happen to see on my concert page (sarahsiskind.com/live) where I'm playing and you have a suggestion of a local beer that I should try, tweet me!

until tomorrow.

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