Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Freaking delicious...Devils Backbone Striped Bass Pale Ale

Fellow beer drinkers, you have a reason to hate me . . . I *live* at a brewery.  Not just any brewery, but one that continues to win gold at the Beer Cup, and who's newly bottled fare is flying off the shelves in Virginia.  I don't actually live *in* it, but *at* it rather, just on the other side of some trees.  The reason why I haven't blogged about Devils Backbone Brewing yet is because I guess it seemed too obvious.  These folks are like family; the owner Steve Crandall is not only active in the bustling community of our beloved Nelson County, but DBB has been instrumental in the success of The Festy, a music and lifestyle festival held on their grounds Oct 5-7 (where, yes, I'll be performing; another reason to write this blog is that tickets for The Festy 2012 go on sale today!!!)  So, it just seemed like it was too close to home to be objective.  But another reason is that I was patiently waiting for them to reveal a crisp, clean Ale.  The brewer is so innovative and adventurous, a simple Ale had not made it's way to the menu since I moved to the area almost 6 months ago (unless it came and went during one of my tours and I didn't know!).  As you know, this is currently my favorite flavor and I was thrilled when they added the Striped Bass Pale Ale to their beer menu in April in honor of the Oyster Festival, also held on the grounds of their beautiful western-lodge brewery.

At first sip, this beer explodes onto my tongue with a brightness that I love, reminding me of Sierra Nevada's Summerfest.  But what this Ale has working in it's favor is less carbonation, which I find overwhelming in SN Summerfest.  DBB released this beer to be enjoyed with seafood, which they nailed perfectly with the freshness; I can almost taste a hint of ocean in it.  It is well-balanced and full enough to be called a Pale Ale, but almost has a pilsner quality in it's lightness and lack of heavy after-taste.  I'm in love with it.  Another please. ;0)

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