Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nelson County Beer Feature - Wild Wolf Pilsner

so, i moved to beautiful nelson county, va the week before christmas, and besides being nestled in the blue ridge mountains, this county is home to 17 wineries and 4 craft breweries!  oh yeh...so many things to try.  my first highlight i must share is from Wild Wolf Brewery, just a couple miles from my house.

Wild Wolf Pilsner
Wild Wolf Brewery

i am usually an ale girl.  i like clean, forward ales, sometimes on the darker side.  most of the times i try craft pilsners, they are too thin but i found one that makes me smile from ear to ear.  the pilsner at wild wolf brewery is true in color - but the flavor is more complex than the typical pils without being too fancy.  a perfect summer sipper, but hearty enough for me for a cold night by the fire.  right in the middle of the flavor is a round, bready taste, almost reminding me of a perfect sourdough slice, and the after taste is fresh and light.  i love it.  not to mention, wild wolf is a really cool place...the restaurant is in an old school house and features mostly local ingredients (complete with a gluten free bun i can select on any sandwhich or burger!).  just outside is a courtyard of old tobacco barns that are being renovated into specialty shops with jewelry, housewares, and a home brew store, all centered around a mill-wheel water feature.  heaven on earth? yes.  and there is a great pilsner to go with it all...

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